Wall Garden - Troughs (5)

Wall Garden - Troughs (5)

Wall Garden - Multi Hang (10)


Large quantity of potting mix per plant, excellent drainage and aeration, ensures, Wallgarden is the only vertical garden system to successfully grow herbs and veggies. Great for home DIY jobs and larger vertical farming methods.

Multi Hang - contains 10 modules

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Vertical gardens and real, living green walls by Wallgarden. Proudly made in Australia!

This DIY friendly vertical garden kit offers quality and lower cost compared to all other vertical garden systems!

Quality; Wallgarden products have more potting mix per plant, needed for root ball growth, but of most importance, better water retention.

Capacity of Multi-Hang 4.7 litres/plant

Multi-hang clips onto most vertical garden backing systems or commonly available materials such as steel mesh or wood lattice. Alternatively, you can build your own rail using wood & standard extrusion or screw Multi-hang directly to a wall or fence.

High UV resistance, to protect your Wallgarden pots from the sun and failure due to ultra violet degradation, ensuring a very long lifetime. Our products are designed and tested to handle the Australian environment.

Compare with other systems - Water Efficient Design - Water the top row only Water by hand or fit a low pressure 13mm poly irrigation system to the top row of modules. - Water passes through from top to bottom - Each module is watered and retains moisture after watering, ensuring even irrigation from top to bottom

10 modules covers approximately 0.6 square metres.

Each module measures: 200 x 200 x H 250 mm

Manufactured from recycled polypropylene with UV inhibitors. 10 year warranty and is BPA free. Made in Australia.