Vegepod Small Stand with Wheels

Vegepod Small Stand with Wheels

Vegepod Kitchen Garden - black

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Vegepod Kitchen Garden - black

Kitchen Garden is an innovative benchtop herb and veg garden created by Vegepod.

The Vegepod Kitchen Garden is bringing edible growing indoors, so you can have quick and fresh produce at your fingertips.

More about Vegepod

NOT Hydroponics! Unlike most indoor edible growing - Vegepod Kitchen Garden is NOT a hyrdoponics system. Grown in soil, as mother nature intended, means no fuss, better taste, not locked in to purchasing refills and your choice for soil.

Full sun spectrum LED grow lights. High quality, LED grow lights promote amazing growth rates with full sun spectrum.

Adjustable light height. Adjustable light height to enable optimal growth by moving lights close to the soil for propagation and microgreens right up to a 35 cm growth height for mature plants

Self-watering wicking bed. Vegepod's signature self-watering wicking beds are adopted in Vegepod Kitchen Garden. Our wicking technology systems have been accredited by the Water Conservancy

Generous growing space. Filled with premium grade potting mix, Vegepod Kitchen Garden is 60cm x 20cm, providing a great growing space. You can grow a collection of culinary herbs, as well as salad greens and the odd veg, in easily accessible spaces

Manual and Auto mode lighting. Both manual and auto controlled lighting available via the light switch or the Smart Life app. Connect to your device and you can timer-control your LED lights and switch on/off from afar, whilst controlling extended growing hours in a day

Water gauge. A special inbuilt water gauge allows you to monitor water levels in the wicking reservoir beneath the soil.