Trace Element Mix 700gm

Trace Element Mix 700gm

Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Fertiliser 1kg

Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Fertiliser 1kg

Sugar Cane Mulch bale


Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch is an all natural, moisture retaining, weed suppressing, soil nourishing super mulch!

A simple, cost effective, natural product you can use to maintain your garden.

Size: Compressed 20sqm bale

Sugar Cane Mulch provides a simple, safe and cost effective way of maintaining your home garden. It’s perfect for all gardens and potted plants. Made from an organic, renewable resource; our signature Sugar Cane Mulch is finely chopped and fully dust extracted, making it the best quality and cleanest garden mulch available.

Benefits of Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch:

- 100% organic and very safe to use when maintaining your garden

- Very clean – due to our dust extracting processes

- Slowly breaks down and enriches the soil with nutrient and organic matter

- Promotes earthworms in soil

- Protects plants from extreme temperatures

- Improves moisture penetration and retention by up to 75%

- Excellent for filling raised garden bed

- Adds essential organic matter to the soil as it breaks down

- Sugar Cane Mulch is the best all round mulch available on the market

- Helps to control weeds by creating a protective blanket over the soil

- A natural, renewable and sustainable resource from sugar cane waste

- Prepared and tested under strict conditions, this product is certified as an Australian Certified Organic Allowed Input and to Australian Standards 4454

- Easy to use