Callistemon Little John - Bottlebrush

Callistemon Little John - Bottlebrush

Rosemary Officinalis Prostrate


Rosemary Officinalis Prostrate is a highly aromatic culinary plant.

A low growing prostrate form of popular rosemary with highly scented leaves and blue flowers.

Pot size : 14cm / 140mm

Rosemary Officinalis Prostrate -

This rosemary can be used in a wide variety of dishes, including soups, vegetables, meats (particularly lamb), fish, stuffings, dressings and even desserts. It is brilliant for flavouring and is perfect for use when roasting and barbecuing.

More Information
Common Name Rosemary Huntington Carpet - prostrate
Botanical Name Rosmarinus officinalis var. prostratus
Position Full Sun
Flower Colour Blue
Foliage Colour Green, Silver
Fragrance Scented
Flower Season Spring, Summer
Pot Size 140mm (14cm)
Origin Exotic
Hates Wet feet, heavy soils, deep shade.
Likes Loose well drained soils, a sunny position, and regular fertiliser
Swane's Says Prune as desired, great in pots and coastal conditions.