Plant Glider 90kg Charcoal

Plant Glider 90kg Charcoal

Plant Stand Sml Bamboo - 2 tier Fan

Plant Stand Sml Bamboo - 2 tier Fan

Plant Glider 50kg Charcoal

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Plant Glider Charcoal - 50kg

Moving heavy pot plants is a pain in the lower back. This plant dolly leaves the competition behind. Featuring a sleek design, the Omnia Plant Glider is notably unnoticeable - just like it should be.

Beautiful. Useful. Reliable.

Load capacity: 50kg

Plant Glider Charcoal - 50kg

Won't break. Accidental over-loading won't cause permanent damage or collapsing.

Won't roll away. No more forgetting or fiddling around with a brake - it doesn’t need one!

Won't tip. Confidently glides over decks and joints every time without fail.

Won't corrode. Made from polymers and stainless steel - it won't rust or stain!

Wheel Benefits:

- 360° maneuverability - without turning or swiveling wheels

- Better directional control and tracking

- Precise positioning - without swivel offset correction

- Minimal wheel space/housing requirements

- Simple mounting - able to tilt or lever off the fixed wheel mounting

- Non marking polyurethane rollers

- Load stability - a static centre of load relative to wheel base

- Load distribution - the ability to use multiple wheels without swivel offset resistance

- Robust - wheel frame and roller axles provide a web-like structure with over-moulded rollers

- Tough and rust free - full polymer construction with no steel pins

Product specifications:

Load capacity: 50kg

Height: 6cm, Diameter: 30cm, Inside diameter: 18cm

Weight: 1028g