Lemon Eureka Citrus

Lemon Eureka Citrus

Pyrus nivalis 'Snow Pear'  - Ornamental Pear

Pyrus nivalis 'Snow Pear' - Ornamental Pear

Lime Kaffir Citrus

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Citrus - Lime Kaffir - grafted

Grown for its vibrant flavoursome foliage for use in cooking.

Pot size: 300mm / 30cm

Citrus - Lime Kaffir

Fresh leaves are used to flavour curries, soups and salads - thai cuisine.

Thick rind can be used for oil and zest.

Pot size: 300mm / 30cm

More Information
Common Name Citrus - Lime Kaffir
Botanical Name Citrus hystrix
Position Full Sun
Flower Colour White
Foliage Colour Green
Fragrance Scented
Cold Tolerance Light frost
Flower Season Winter
Pot Size 300mm (30cm)
Origin Exotic
Hates Wet feet, and dense shade.
Likes Warm days, loose well drained soils, manure, and mulch.