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Harvest 1L

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Harvest 500ml

Lucerne Mulch bale


Rocky Point Lucerne Mulch is Australia’s premium garden mulch.

A nutrient packed mulch for feeding and retaining moisture in your garden.

Size: Compressed - 18 sq bale

Size: Compressed - covers up to 6m2

Lucerne Mulch not only protects but feeds your garden as it breaks down, boosting essential levels of Nitrogen and Potassium ensuring your plants thrive. You will notice an increase in the output of your edible and flowering gardens. Lucerne mulch also improves and enhances your garden by retaining valuable moisture and suppressing weeds.

Benefits of Rocky Point Lucerne Mulch:

- Enriches the soil by increasing nitrogen and potassium levels for up to 6 months

- Suppression of weeds and moisture conservation

- Substantially reduces fertilising costs

- Lighter colour reflects the heat, keeping the soil cooler in the hot summer months

- Lucerne stimulates root growth and eliminates root disease due to natural hormones in the mulch

- Lucerne is a great worm food and will promote worm activity.