Organic Potting Mix 30L

Organic Potting Mix 30L

Premium Garden Mix 30L

Premium Garden Mix 30L

Lucerne Mulch Pellets 10kg


Major's Lucerne Mulching Pellets

A nutrient packed mulch for feeding and retaining moisture in your garden.

Application: Simply spread over the soil surface so the pellets are just touching, one layer thick, and thoroughly wet to saturation point. Over a few hours the Mulching Pellets will swell to 3 times their size and crumble to form a beautiful fluffy thick layer over the ensuing days. Replenish as required.

Size: 10kg bag

Size: 10kg

Major's Mulching Pellets make mulching a quick and easy job.

Heat used during the processing of our Mulching Pellets means there are no weed seeds.

Because our Lucerne hay is compressed into a small smooth pellet, there is no harmful dust or spores, that are released when you pull apart a normal bale of hay.

Our bagged & pelletised mulching pellets are easy and convenient, removing the hassle of transporting a bale of hay or straw, no mess in the car and there is no need to pre-water Mulching Pellets before spreading.

Our 100% Lucerne Mulching Pellets are simply 100% organic plant material, which will break down over several months, releasing mineralised nutrients into the soil, enriching natural organic soil nutrient levels used by plants to produce flowers and fruit

Adding organic nutrients to your soil is recycling the way nature intended

3kg Balcony Bag - Perfect for pots, courtyard and balcony gardens. Hand packed in a recyclable bag