Japanese Buxus Ball Topiary

Japanese Buxus Ball Topiary

Ficus Lyrata 'Fiddle Leaf Fig'

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This attractive, evergreen plant with glossy, deep green leaves, performs well in sunlight indoor locations.

More Information
Common Name Fiddle Leaf Fig
Botanical Name Ficus lyrata
Position Full Shade/Indoors
Height 2 - 4m
Width 1.5m
Spacing 2m
Flower Colour N/A
Foliage Colour Green
Fragrance Nil
Cold Tolerance Needs a sunny indoor location
Flower Season Summer
Pot Size 200mm
Origin Exotic
Hates Sitting in water
Likes Regular watering and well drained soil.
Swane's Says Re pot annually with fresh potting mix.

A popular indoor plant, Fiddle Leaf Figs enjoy being near a sunny window. Turn often to maintain straight growth habit.

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