Swane's Masterclass orchid care and maintenance demos begin next week at Swane's Carlingford

and the following week at Swane's Dural.

This Masterclass is free to attend.

*** Fully Booked*** 10am Tuesday 31 July at Swane's Carlingford

*** Fully Booked*** 10am Saturday 4 August at Swane's Carlingford

NEW - 2 more classes due to popular demand!

10am Tuesday 14 August at Swane's Carlingford

10am Saturday 18 August at Swane's Carlingford

Book a Carlingford Session Here

*** Fully Booked*** 10am Tuesday 7 August at Swane's Dural

*** Fully Booked*** 10am Saturday 11 August at Swane's Dural

Book a Dural Session Here

Simply fill out and submit the booking form, and we'll see you there!

As classes book out, that option in the dropdown menu will be removed.

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