Carmagnole Winter Rose

Carmagnole Winter Rose

Cote D'Azure Winter Rose

Cote D'Azure Winter Rose

Climbing Pinkie Climbing Winter Rose


Climbing Pinkie

It just never stops! A lovely soft pink in colour, this rose is a favourite climber of ours here at Swane's Nurseries.

Bare root / winter rose plant (not in a pot)

A favourite climbing rose here at Swane's, don't miss it.

Soft pink in colour and a constant source of beautiful blooms.

A constant source of colour with large clusters of roses, it is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Climbing Pinkie grows out of a pot if necessary and has few, if any, thorns.

Bare root / winter rose plant (not in a pot).

Pre-orders open in January each year. Bare root (or Winter) roses only available in Winter.

The yearly harvest of 2 year old roses occurs every May with plants becoming available in June – July.

More Information
Rose Category Polyantha
Breeder Dering
Colour Pink
Colour Rose pink.
Fragrance Nil
Fragrance Nil
Awards Passed Swane’s arduous evaluations.
Disease Resistance Great
Height 200-450cm
Foliage Dark and glossy green.
Flower Size 35mm
Petal Count 35+
Swane's Says We recommend this climbing rose more than any other rose in our portfolio!