Friendship Winter Rose

Friendship Winter Rose

Vanessa Bell Winter Rose

Vanessa Bell Winter Rose

Claire Austin Winter Rose


Claire Austin.

A beautiful, fragrant white rose with a creamy centre. Bred by David Austin.

Bare root / winter rose plant (not in a pot).

Pre-orders open in January each year. Bare root (or Winter) roses only available in Winter.

The yearly harvest of 2 year old roses occurs every May with plants becoming available in June – July.

The medium sized flowers of white develop into a beautiful rosette and are produced freely with excellent continuity.

A striking David Austin rose at named after his daughter.

More Information
Rose Category David Austin
Breeder David Austin
Breeder Code AUSprior
Colour White
Colour white with cream centre
Fragrance Strong * *
Fragrance Strong myrrh & vanilla fragrance
Height 120cm
Flower Size Full
Petal Count 41+